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Hastings Road


- Kirby, Paul


“In driving along the Hastings Road today, it is one long trail of abandoned farms, adversity, blasted hopes, broken hearts, and exhausted ambition,” wrote C. F. Aylsworth, O.L.S, in 1925.


In his new book Hastings County author Paul Kirby provides new insight into the surveying, building and settling of the Hasting Road from the Tudor/Madoc townships boundary through the settlements of Millbridge, Thanet, Glanmire, Murphy’s Corners, Umfraville, Ormsby, L’Amable, York River, and Doyle’s Corners.

Author: Paul Kirby
Title: The Trail of Broken Hearts
Publisher: Kirby Books, Hastings County, Canada
Pages: 197
Other: A History of Hastings County book
ISBN: 978-0-9936669-1-9
Retail: $19.95