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Accidental Prime Minister


The Biography of Sir Mackenzie Bowell
- Betsy Dewar Boyce


MACKENZIE BOWELL WAS THE FIFTH PRIME MINISTER of Canada in office from December 1894 to April 1896. Since his death in 1917 he has had an increasingly bad press, often much worse than he suffered from the Liberal opposition during his lifetime. This is largely because the writers either do not know the prevailing beliefs of Canadians in the 19th century, or are too uncomfortable with the knowledge to accept it.


It was only in his winter years that Bowell unexpectedly became prime minister, inheriting a tattered government that had already been led by three others since the election of 1891. His career is much more than the sixteen months he spent as leader.
He was a Victorian gentleman. He had all the prejudices of the Victorian gentleman, but he had all the virtues as well. That is no small consideration even when he is compared to the other prime ministers who came both before and after him. It seems time he had a chance to speak for himself.

Author: Betsy Dewar Boyce
Title: The Accidental Prime Minister
Publisher: Kirby Books, Hastings County, Canada
Pages: 329


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