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memoirs of an abolitionist


Ross, Alexander Milton


Alexander Milton Ross, born in Belleville, Canada West (Ontario) in 1832, was a respected physician, abolitionist, author, naturalist, and reformer. As a strident opponent of slavery in the southern United States he helped untold numbers of men, women and children escape bondage by assisting in their journey to freedom in the northern states and Canada.

He also claimed to be friends with the people who affected change in America, such as President Abraham Lincoln and abolitionist/martyr/terrorist John Brown; a claim which some modern biographers have disputed.

A new look is also taken at the man himself; his successes and his controversies.

Author: Alexander Milton Ross
Title: Memoirs of an Abolitionist
Publisher: Kirby Books, Hastings County, Canada
Pages: 131
Other: A History of Hastings County book
ISBN: 978-1-926529-00-4
Retail: $16.95