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Joe Alcorn's Boy


The story of the “Your Loving Anna” family continues.
- Hanthorn, William D.


William D. Hanthorn was born six-and-a-half miles north of Coe Hill, Ontario in 1904. He was the son of Joseph Hanthorn and Florence Leveridge. In “Your Loving Anna” Hanthorn’s grandmother Anna Leveridge told us of her life in the Coe Hill area in the late 1800s.


In “Joe Alcorn’s Boy” Hanthorn continues the story of growing up in North Hastings in the early part of the 1900s, and the family’s new life in the southern part of Hastings County at Carrying Place.

Author: William D. Hanthorn
Title: Joe Alcorn’s Boy
Publisher: Kirby Books, Hastings County, Canada
Pages: 137
Other: A History of Hastings County book
ISBN: 978-0-9936669-0-2
Retail: $17.95