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Burn the Gossip


The True Story of George Benjamin of Belleville, Canada’s First Jewish Member of Parliament 1857-1863
- Godfrey, Sheldon & Judith


Burn This Gossip explores the tension surrounding the life of a major political figure in Central Ontario, who headed the only Jewish family in his community in pre-confederation Canada. The book also provides fresh insights into the personality his political leader, John A. Macdonald.


From his position as founder, publisher and editor of the Belleville Intelligencer, George Benjamin set out on a 30-year career which took him from Reeve of Hungerford Township to Warden of Hastings County and, ultimately, to his election as member of parliament for the Province of Canada. He was the first Jew to be permitted to be seated in the assembly.

Author: Sheldon Godfrey & Judith Godfrey
Title: Burn This Gossip
Publisher: The Duke & George Press, Toronto. 1991
Pages: 160 (Hardcover)
ISBN: 0-9695102-0-9
Retail: $19.95