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The best of Boyce


- Boyce, Gerry


To say that Gerry Boyce is “Mr. History” of Hastings County does not fully recognize the work he has done to preserve the heritage of the county for over half a century, particularly through his writing.


The Best of Boyce, will take its readers on a five-decade journey through Gerry’s journalism and non-fiction, as he reveals to us the people, places and events which have shaped this county.


Boyce has written biographies, studied buildings, bridges, municipalities, theology and gold rushes. This new book provides excerpts from these, and more.

Author: Gerry Boyce
Title: The Best of Boyce
Publisher: Kirby Books, Hastings County, Canada
Pages: 184
Other: A History of Hastings County book
ISBN: 978-0-9936669-9-5
Retail: $19.95